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These works originated in my first visit to Topolo in 2010. While working on my piece there I took the opportunity to separately record each of the players in what would become the You Know Sextet (well not including me that is). When I returned to New York I spent time with the recordings and made a five tape pieces รข one for each performer. I returned in 2012 to Topolo and we were able to perform each piece with the musician it was composed for.

This download release presents both the original tape only version as well as the live recorded version for pre-recorded material and performer. The pre-recorded material in performance was modified during rehearsals as the original material was somewhat dense. So this was an opportunity to in fact have two sets of pieces. I hope the listener enjoys and I want to thank Massimo Croce for his interest in releasing this, Moreno, Donatella and the whole Topolo family. And of course the musicians who were so integral in making this happen: Marta Hari, Veronika Vitazkova, Antonio Della Marina, Michele Spanghero and Sandro Carta. My deepest love and respect.).

Al Margolis (if, Bwana)