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Ilir Lluka / Jonida Prifti

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                       (Headphones reccomended for a full listening experience)

RES is constructed upon psychological associations and abstracted elements of contexts of life progressively shaping the disquitness of the world of both artists and evolves starting from their personal emotions to larger ones.
RES is not a conventional sound/poetry release where the music and the poetry are two different elements that accompany each other, instead the verbal and the sonic elements have been constructed as a single entity of expression through generative sound-design.
Audio recordings of Jonida’s voice reciting her verses were translated in MIDI data and implemented in real-time in various Vsti synthesizers triggering them to play their respective sounds sincronized with her vocal pitch, tempo, etc. Each sound was then furtherly synthesized in multiple approaches to create different textures originally started from the same organic material but in non-parallel evolvement patterns. The final result is an intrinsic combination between Jonida’s natural voice and the electronic/electroacoustic sounds originally triggered by it.


Ilir Lluka & Jonida Prifti: RES

Ilir Lluka: Electronics, Sound-Design, Programming
Jonida Prifti: Poetry, Voice
[additional verses/voice fragment by Ilir Lluka on “d”]
Mastered by Mardit B. Lleshi at Projekti Studio, Tirana.
Cover Art: Simone Tso
Photos: Dino Ignani, Ilir Lluka

- Jonida Prifti is an Albanian poet, performer and contemporary literature scholar, born in 1982 in the city of Berat. She lives in Rome, Italy from more than 10 years.
Among Jonida’s publications are "Cengel" (Ogopogo 2008), the audiobook "Ajenk" (Transeuropea Edizioni, 2011), "Paesaggio 013" (Caratteri Mobili, 2013), the essay "Patrizia Vicinelli's Poetry and Action" (Onyx, 2014). In 2012 she was selected for the prize "Franco Cavallo" for a collective publication of participants in the award entitled "Poetry: A place of differences" by Alfonso Malinconico. Jonida has also participated in various festivals, including "Romapoesia", "Bolzano Poetry", "Poesiatotale", "Ammaro Love" etc. She formed the poetronic duo "Acchiappashpirt" with the musician Stefano Di Trapani, performing throughout Italy and Europe. In 2012 they released a CD on ozky e-sound label. The duo were guests at the last edition of "Colour Out Of Space" and "Anarchy Secret Garden" in the UK.